There are more than 180 days that I came to Cambridge and studied. Those days I found the major subject I love and keep going. Found I like to create my work with strings and fabrics. Also tried lots of material I didn’t used before. I really enjoyed the time arranging exhibition with classmates. I always thought ideas from my own feelings. I still want to show my personality and thinking in my work. I can’t live without sensibility, although it makes my work looks selfish and incomprehensible. I appreciated all the feedbacks from tutors and peers, let me knew I always want to make something complicated and enjoyed all the changing. I learned about spend more time to do some research and knew more information before making.

For the theme of my final major project, I still want to let the ideas close to myself. First is escape the daily I lived now, go on a travel about Camino de Santiago. I went to Spain during my half term, I really like that place. I felt clam, relax and comfortable in that country, I had lots of ideas came up when I was in Spain. So I want to go to this place and do my final project. I want to cry loudly, want to found myself, want to leave the comfort zone, want to let go and forget, want to feel despair, want to be brave and strong. I hate myself always sensibility, hate myself always trap into some emotion and relationships. I want to record the sound I heard in this trip, writes all I found and knew. I also want to show the people I meet and the story they have. I want to try how long I can walk and hold. Please let me to wander this time.

How I want to exhibit this project, I would like to draw a map on the wall and stick the photos I take in the trip. In the space, it will always broadcast the sound I record in every moment (when I talk with people and some of natural sound). I used to smoke sometimes, I almost keep all snipe and wrote done the reasons and the time I smoked form this year. I will carry this can of smoking reason during my journey. I will write done all the story and want to do a performing art in the exhibition, everyday tell some story to the audiences. I also want to embroider some patterns on the cloth I wear, seam some verse I read on the cloth and I will wear it when I am performing.

The trip is a long distance, and had lots of path to arrive the same destination. So I come up the idea of drawing a map on the wall to show the path I chose to complete. The reason of using photograph: I am a photographer in Taiwan, I still want to keep take pictures. I thinks photos can show the story in the moment, is a good way to record the memories. I really like to record every noise any time, however every trip or just conversation in life. I want to let every people who come to my exhibition place can also feel with me in the wader. Feel how I live, how I have dealings with myself, how I talk to other pilgrim. About the cigarette can, I want to record all the things I found not only on dairy. First time I create that can is for do not smoke that oven, told myself I need to have reason to smoke. After one week, I found something funny, I think of different weird reason to smoke, just like a little brain storming and came up lots of ideas I will not think before. I like to talk to people although I am not a good speaker, so I want to train my speaking and not to be shy. I also like performance in front of people, it is why I think about telling story every day. The ideas of wearing embroider clothes: I though to hang the clothes in the idle of the space, but it is strange like hanging people. I think wear it will attract people more.

I research two artist in this time. One is Louise Bourgeois, who I saw her work in Tate museum. When I saw her work just can’t took my eyes of, I am interested in the work made by fabric and hanging on the ceiling. Then I found her history and background, the emotion between she and her father let she felt really hurt just like me. The love and hate exist at the same time, let her created lots of soft and strong meanings work. Another is Tracey Emin, who always shows her relationship and feeling in front of audience. She also likes to create the words on the fabric and the neon lamp. The meaning really simple but always appear in the beautiful way and easy to catch people’s attention.  I try to accept their sense and thinking the different way to display mine. I think I still need some time to clarify all the things around me include myself.


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