Evaluation of FMP

For my final major project. I have a lot of hope and wish inside, but it was all broken by the limited of exhibition space. It just like my life now, having numerous expectation, but the things always won’t go with my image. Also similar as my camino trip, I didn’t found the things I want to know, but I still have a new thinking of my life style.

Wanderland, the name of my final piece. Until now, I am almost 19 years old, this 7000days of my life is always instability. I always in the wander, my heart and mind are wandering, too. Although I didn’t travel around the world or visit  several countries. The best gift I gave to myself  in the eighteenth year of my life is a brave heart to done the camino. I really thanks of the tutors who let me go, also my mom was willing to support me. Camino is my redemption of the depression which happened again this year, also made me start to believe the ability of myself. Wonderland is the place full of happiness, but inside my land it just have infinite of darkness. How many sadness come up then can let me die? I always ask myself this question. I can not sleep well, live well, also take care myself well. My wanderland having the expect and despair at the same time.

After Camino, I want to pursue happiness, but I found it not the thing exist in this world, and I can not require anyone give me happiness. I thought the happiness in camino was come form the simple and easy life style. The reason why I am unhappy is because my mind is too complicated and missy, I let lots of things go, so I felt more relax than before. I am too harsh to treat myself, always require myself too much. I thought a part of my final project is made myself easily and more comfortable, and I done this.I did’t have any interest to done one thing before started this project, because the depression made me physiological tired on my body. But when I started the camino until now the project almost finish, I got the 200% power to do everything. Camino really made me became a fresh new person. And I think is power will bring me to finish more work in the future.

I think the time in 12 weeks project is just enough for me. I can finish my ideas completely and having enough time to done the research and blogs.Because of the long time, I can think of my thought and the way to create more careful and perfect. I also can try different method to exhibit my work, answer the question which my classmates asked me and think the meaning deeper. I learned lots of skill about who to building exhibition space, I am more responsible for the things I want to create. I became a more mature art student, who can allocate the time properly and use the enough ability to make the work best.



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