20170526 Visual study and Life drawing 

This was the last Life drawing class in CSVPA. The first class today, we choose that go to train station and draw watercolor. But today was too hot that people can not sit outside for a long time. So we sit in Café Nero and draw outside. I ordered a green lemon tea and drew a tree. I am not good at drawing but I still like to draw.Second class we went back to classroom and keep doing the wax sculptures. I don’t like the feeling of touching wax, but I ignored it, if I focused on making sculpture. Time passed quickly, we already made the sculpture for one hours. I didn’t made the head and leg for my work is because I though that is difficult I was afraid to fail it, and we don’t have time, neither.

Then we walked for 35 minutes to Harry’s studio, also brought our sculpture and let Harry see it. He showed us the tools he used when he is making his sculpture, also explained the work he going to make and design.


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