20170525 Fine Art

Today I don’t want to wast my time in studio, also the studio is too noisy for people to work inside, so I started to try the situation of my gift piece. Yesterday, I just scanned my dairy and words inside the computer, and clean the background, But when I printed it out, I found it was so grey and can not see clearly. So today I need to fixed this problem. I just used Photoshop and let the contrast more obvious, also repair the characters.

This is the second test piece for my words piece. I though it is clearly enough to see. Then I tried to figure out the size of chrome film’s slides, I used the ruler to know it is 38*34. But when I cut down the paper model of different size, I though the39*35is the correct size to put in the photos. Finally, I printed out the correct size photos and it was suitable. 

After that, I bought the newspaper yesterday, I was going to stick them on my little door. First step, I need to cut down the word piece of the newspaper that I want to used. Second, tried to make newspaper fit on the door. Final step, painted on the white paint, made the view not too missy. I spent more than two hours to done these steps. I need to done these things quickly as I can!


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