Fine Art- painting walls

I did not plan that I am going to paint the wall today, so I dressed the skirt to school, it is the difficult thing for painting.

Finally, the white paint we ordered came today, I can not found any paint last week. Also the deliver was so quick, so happy that I can paint the wall as soon as possible. I started to paint after lunch, today was so hot just stay in the studio and start to sweat. Although I already put the paper on the floor to keep the paint don’t make the floor missy. But when I went to add more paint, my shoes always will stamp on the paint which was fallen and didn’t dry, it still make the floor had the path that I stamp.

Keep painting the top of ceiling made my neck hurt. To prevent the paint stick on my hair , my classmate helped me to make a paper hat to wear. My classmate Debbie also painted today, and the paint was on her clothes everywhere, her right eye smeared on paint, too. When I went home the first thing I done was have a bath and wash my clothes.


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